AirCell is including shoulder strap, Air suspension bag, Air shoulder strap and AirCell suspension system. The Brand of Zippack can be applied carry cases & carry bags such as computer bags, laptop bag, laptop carry bags, notebook carry bags, camera carry bags, camera bag and broadcasting equipment cases. Also massage slipper, musical instrument case, hunting cases, travel gear bags, sporting protectors, fashion handbag, fishing cases is available.

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AirCell Core Technology and Products

The principles behind our Core Technology

  • Air exhbits ideal phisical properties for absorbing impact and shock. We applied air when developing Air Cell technology.
  • By trapping air with specialized materials that offer flexibility and cushion, our technology delivers optimum comfort and lasting performance.
  • Each Air Cell is completely separate from its adjoining cell, ensuring the strap remains fully functional in the event that a single cell is punctured.
  • The durable performance and aesthetic appearance of the finest quality Lycra provides the ultimate finish for the patented Air Cell system.
A\Core Technology and Its Products

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