AirCell is including shoulder strap, Air suspension bag, Air shoulder strap and AirCell suspension system. The Brand of Zippack can be applied carry cases & carry bags such as computer bags, laptop bag, laptop carry bags, notebook carry bags, camera carry bags, camera bag and broadcasting equipment cases. Also massage slipper, musical instrument case, hunting cases, travel gear bags, sporting protectors, fashion handbag, fishing cases is available.

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What is AirCell?


1. The Best way to protect and absorb impact.

AirCell is applicable to so many different fields as shock Absorbing materials. AirCell uspension Padded Bags of Laptop Computers & Cameras are very strong protection and safety protect for your very valuable equipments from shocks or impacts. The Best way to protect and absorb impact

2. Designed to considering your shoulder.

The core technology of AirCell Strap System giving an extremely comfort from dispersion of weight and dull interrupt a bloosd circulation. So, much less pain, feels lighter weight than real. Minimized fatigue & Maximum comfort. esigned to considering your shoulder

3. Unbelievable Strength & Durability

Confirmed that the AirCell is very strong under 2-3Ton loading and no deformation from high & lower temperature.

4. Multi-purpose for your needs.

AirCell Suspension Panels are applicable not only Laptop/Camera bags but also any Musical instruments cases bags & Sports, Clothing & etc with Comfort Strap System.
Multi-purpose for your needs

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