AirCell is including shoulder strap, Air suspension bag, Air shoulder strap and AirCell suspension system. The Brand of Zippack can be applied carry cases & carry bags such as computer bags, laptop bag, laptop carry bags, notebook carry bags, camera carry bags, camera bag and broadcasting equipment cases. Also massage slipper, musical instrument case, hunting cases, travel gear bags, sporting protectors, fashion handbag, fishing cases is available.

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05   Established L.C. Corporation
11   Awarded Export Tower on Trade Day the Minister of Commerce and Industry Citation
01   Registered 'Zippack' Trademark
  12   Patented of Korea on 'AirCell'
  01   Applied international patent on 'Air Suspension Bag'
01   Applied international patent on 'Air Comfort Shoulder Straps'
04   Patented of U.S. on 'Air Suspension Bag'
  06   Incorporated L.C. Corporation Co.
03   Patented of Europe on 'Air Suspension Bag'
02   Registered 'AirCell' Trademark
  03   Patented of Hong Kong on 'Air Suspension Bag'
  04   Set up a factory in Hwasung, KyungKi-do, Korea.
#579, HaJu-Ri, PalTan-Myeon, HwaSung-City, KyongKi-Do, 445-913 Korea
Mail Add: C.P.O. Box 7748, Seoul, Korea
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