AirCell is including shoulder strap, Air suspension bag, Air shoulder strap and AirCell suspension system. The Brand of Zippack can be applied carry cases & carry bags such as computer bags, laptop bag, laptop carry bags, notebook carry bags, camera carry bags, camera bag and broadcasting equipment cases. Also massage slipper, musical instrument case, hunting cases, travel gear bags, sporting protectors, fashion handbag, fishing cases is available.

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Laptop Bag

ANC8000 ANC7000
ANC9000 ANC6000
ANC3000 ANC5000
Up to 12” Laptop Computer. Used very elegance materials of Cystal Satin.
Designed for carrier women/lady. Available in Pink, Sky Blue & Black.
The pink bag has in Red AirCell pads
and the Sky blue has in roray blue
AirCell pad on the inside.
Up to 15” Laptop, Designed enough compartments for strong protection Laptop Computer & easy access accessories. Also, very lighter weight than other
normal Computer Bags.
ASC 1500NH ANC 777W
Up to 14” Laptop Computer. Used for the high quality of Neoprene material. Designed to bring a computer & small essential accessories. Using just for Sleeve Case.  
ABP 3500 (YELLOW) ABP700
ASC 1000N ASC 2000N
ASC 1000 OP ANC2500

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